Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

Posted by admin on October 12, 2016
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When it comes to competitive gaming, gamers would always use wired gaming mice, keyboards, and even headsets.

That is because they do not suffer from any signal issues that commonly plague their wireless counterparts.

That is true in the gaming peripherals of the past but that has since changed in the current era.

Today, I am going to talk about one competitive wireless gaming mouse that will change the minds of skeptics.

The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is the next flagship wireless mouse from Logitech. This will hopefully bring wireless gaming mice to the fore again, especially in the competitive gaming scene.

The Logitech G900 sports an ambidextrous design and it’s pretty lightweight. It only weights at 107 grams and it is really comfortable in the hands despite its ambidextrous design. The good thing about this mouse is that it can be perfect whether you’re right or left-handed.

This gaming mouse makes use of a 2.4GHz wireless connection with a 1ms signal response rate so that even slight twitch movements can be registered correctly.

The Logitech G900 is also fitted with the state of the art optical sensor. It makes use of the PMW3366 optical sensor which is regarded by most gamers as the best optical mice sensor available.

The thing that makes this optical sensor great is that it never suffers from common issues such as acceleration, non-filtering, and a host of other stuff.

Also, the optical sensor that comes with the Logitech G900 gaming mouse can be set at a very low 200 DPI up to a maximum of 12,000 DPI. Obviously, gamers will only be using any DPI less than 2,000 in tournament scenarios but at least the option of a higher DPI is available to you.

Couple this gaming mouse with a nice mouse mat and you’ll be having the most accurate wireless gaming mouse ever.

The lightweight mouse is perfect for any genre of games; from shooters that require fast twitch movements to MMORPGs.

Now, aside from wireless connectivity issues, most pro gamers do not use wireless gaming mice because of its battery life.

Some gaming mice in the market have unreliable battery life and that can spell doom for them.

Fortunately, the Logitech G900 doesn’t suffer from that. In fact, the Logitech G900’s battery is quite good and hefty that it can effectively reach up to 32 hours of uptime.

That is to say that you’re gaming as well. With the use of the Logitech gaming software, you can tweak the mouse even further to your liking.

The Logitech G900 also has mechanical pivot buttons for its left and right buttons. This will help the buttons bounce back as quickly as possible, providing you with not only a nice tactile feel but it also helps you click the button faster compared to other gaming mice.

This gaming mouse also includes RGB lighting and it also has 11 programmable buttons; all of these features can be tweaked using the Logitech gaming software.

The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum gaming mouse is probably the next best wireless gaming mouse. If you’re skeptical of using a wireless gaming mouse because of its past issues, then the Logitech G900 might change your mind.

5 Common Pull-Up Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Posted by admin on June 07, 2016
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Pull-Ups is one of the best body weight exercises you could perform. It does wonders not only for your back but it can also be a good strength indicator as well.

But, Pull-Ups is one of those exercises that people perform incorrectly. That is because the exercise itself is hard to do, especially if you do not know how to properly do it.

In this article, I will talk about the 5 most common Pull-up mistakes that people do and how you can fix them.

  1. Using Momentum. This is probably one of the cardinal sins in the gym. People use momentum in a lot of different exercises because it helps them perform the exercise to its “intended” degree. Unfortunately, using momentum not only robs your muscles of gains but it can also lead to injury as well. Using momentum when doing pull-ups is very common. People use their legs and feet in order to propel them upward and do a rep of pull-ups. To fix this, do not use your legs. If you cannot help using your legs, cross them so they will be in a constant and steady position.
  2. Incorrect Elbow Position. Most of the time, I see people performing pull-ups incorrectly because of where they position their elbows. When doing a pull-up, you must position your elbow like you were putting it in your back pocket. This is to ensure that the back gets activated and not your biceps.
  3. Not Pulling the Shoulders Down and Back. This is another common mistake when doing pull-ups. What most people do is that they do not contract their shoulders when they are at the top of the bar. What you should be doing is whenever you reach the top, you must contract your shoulders down and back in order to get your much needed “backtivation”. If you are unsure what I am talking about, just think of putting your chest out when you’re at the peak of a pull-up.
  4. Not Taking Advantage of the Full Range of Motion. This is also a rather common mistake that people do. In fact, I am guilty of this one as well. When you’re not performing the Pull-up with the full range of motion, you are not going to be getting the full benefit of the exercise. Make sure that whenever you’re doing a pull-up that you start from a hanging position and then pull your body upwards until you reach the top of the bar or until you get the full “backtivation”.
  5. Forcing Yourself to do a Pull-Up. Pull-ups are very hard, especially for someone who is still starting to workout. If you force yourself to do a pull-up, there’s a really high chance that you will be performing it incorrectly and there is also a higher chance that you’ll get injured. To fix this, make sure to acclimate your body to heavy weights first before you perform a pull-up.

Pull-Ups are great because it really hits your back hard. It is one of the most difficult body weight exercises, though, so make sure to do the necessary preparations before doing a pull-up.

If you are doing any of these pull-up mistakes, now you know how to fix them.

R4i Gold EU 2016 R4 3DS Card

Posted by admin on April 08, 2016
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When there is a new version of something, you can always expect some improvements. May it be big or small, they are still improvements and they are always welcome no matter what.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about a new version of the R4i Gold EU card. If you’re familiar with R4 3DS cards, you would know that there are many versions of the R4i Gold card.

The R4i Gold R4 3DS cards have become quite popular because they have a lot of features and that they do not cost a lot. If you’re still new to the R4 3DS cards and you just want to try out what they have to offer, then the R4i Gold line is the one for you.

The particular version of the R4i Gold we are going to talk about is the R4i Gold EU 2016 R4 3DS Card. As you can see, this R4 3DS card is just an improvement of the R4 3DS card released last year.

To know more about the 2016 edition of the R4i Gold EU, here are its features:

  • Support the Latest 3DS perfectly.
  • Support almost all the ds games.
  • Sleep mode function, for power saving and longer standby time.
  • Multi-languages are supported
  • Friendly interface, easy to operate.
  • Real time smart help windows.
  • Integrated the latest Moonshell 2.10 Beta version.
  • Supports soft reset
  • No need to flash. Built-in launch Slot-2 (gba) function.
  • Support GOLD micro sd cards (4GB8GB16GB32GB).
  • Support DMA read and no lag while using any microSD card.
  • Support FAT16 and FAT32.
  • Support clean ROM and drag-drop to play. Faster processor.
  • Files are to be saved directly to TF card, copy or restoration is not required.
  • Support moonshell and other homebrew applications.
  • Power saving design. Enter optimized mode automatically.
  • Double screen UI, abbreviated picture and game title display, button and touch operations.
  • Easy to use, setting or adjustment is not required.

As you can see, the R4i Gold EU 2016 R4 3DS Card comes with a host of features that you would want in an R4 3DS card. Who would’ve thought that an inexpensive R4 3DS card such as this one would be feature rich?

It’s got everything that you need. It has homebrew support, it’s got Moonshell support, and it also has a faster, more powerful processor which translates into a much-improved performance across the board.

The R4i Gold EU 2016 R4 3DS Card also has a friendly user-interface that allows you to customize the background and icons according to your liking.

If there is one thing I do not like about this card, it would probably be its lack of the DLDI auto-patching feature. This means that whenever you’re going to install homebrew applications on your Nintendo 3DS, you will have to manually patch them.

Still, I think it is just a minor compromise given that this R4 3DS card is feature rich and that it’s got a lot of features that people want.

The R4i Gold EU 2016 R4 3DS Card is a solid solution if you want an inexpensive R4 3DS card with a lot of features.

Marvel Future Fight Game for Android

Posted by admin on February 06, 2016
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Marvel used to be a comics giant in the years past, but they’ve now created movie giants as well.

Today, we are going to talk about a game that pays homage to the great Marvel Superheroes. The Marvel Future Fight Game for Android mobile phones is a collaboration of all of Earth’s mightiest heroes.

You can choose all of Marvel’s greatest superheroes such as the Avengers, Spiderman, and Guardians of the Galaxy. This game for Android mobile phones will surely entertain you for hours on end.

The story of this game revolves around S.H.I.E.L.D’s director Nick Fury where he sent a distress call for all of Earth’s mightiest heroes to unite. This is because super villains are also creating their own team to conquer the universe!

This game is truly epic because you can assemble your own team of superheroes. You can combine any superhero of your choosing in the Marvel universe. You can use Captain America, Spiderman, Hulk, Groot, and so much more!

The Marvel Future Fight Game for Android mobile phones employ a deep RPG-style leveling system where each of the superheroes you have will gain experience and thus, level up in the process.

You can then hone their skills by going to their individual tabs. Make your superheroes stronger so that you can defeat the super villains!

As for the game’s plot, the Marvel Future Fight Game for Android mobile phones is actually quite enjoyable and the story is written by Peter David, an acclaimed story writer for the Marvel comics.

If you are ultra-competitive, you can play against other players in a 3v3 battle. Pit your superheroes against theirs in an ultimate match. This is where it is paramount that you make your superheroes stronger so that you can beat the opposition.

If you’re the type of person who just wants to unravel the game’s story, the Marvel Future Fight Game for Android mobile phones also comes with a single player campaign that allows you to defeat super villains in order to progress the game. The game is constantly updated with new content, which makes it pretty exciting.

This game also employs certain team dynamics. For example, if you pair up specific characters, say all of the Guardians of the Galaxy team members, they will have team bonuses to help you gain an advantage against the super villains.

The Marvel Future Fight Game for Android mobile phones also allow you to add friends. Should a battle get hard for you, you do not have to fight alone! This game allows you to employ the aid of your friends to help you combat the baddies.

Playing this game is also very easy as it employs only a one-finger control mechanism. You can pretty much control everything with just a touch of a finger. The game has a virtual control pad to guide your team to victory.

The Marvel Future Fight Game for Android mobile phones is an amazing and high-quality game that will surely entertain you for hours. This game is free to download from the Google Play store and has in-app purchases.

Corsair K90 MMO Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Posted by admin on December 26, 2015
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There are a ton of gaming keyboards on the market today, most of them are already using mechanical switches. By far, mechanical switches are far more superior than their rubber-dome, membrane switch counterparts.

Today, we’re going to take a look at a gaming keyboard that is specifically created for the MMO gamer. I am referring to the Corsair K90 MMO Gaming Mechanical Keyboard.

Before I yap further about this keyboard, let’s look at its features:

  • Cherry MX Red Mechanical key switches – Get all of the high-sensitivity, low-operating force and ultra-fast response needed for fast double and triple clicks – all without the annoying click of a typist’s keyboard.
  • Full Key Matrix Anti-Ghosting – Enjoy flawless control even when you’re pressing multiple keys at once. 100% ghost free without tradeoff or compromise
  • 20 Key Roll-over (20KRO) on USB – Get 3x the KRO of typical gaming keyboards at a blazing fast 1ms (1000 reports per second) report rate.
  • Professional grade brushed aluminum chassis with laser etched, keys provides increased durability and stability with outstanding illumination even in dim light
  • 18 dedicated, customizable G-Keys – Easily access to your most frequently used macros, presets and key combinations even during the most intense action. You can record up to 54 programmable functions accessible from three separate banks, ideal for grouping macros by function, or access. Macros can be created on-the-fly, customized, and activated with a single keystroke.

When I first saw this gaming keyboard, I was instantly amazed by it. Not only does it have a backlighting (since most keyboards before do not have them), but the number of programmable buttons are just too much!

The Corsair K90 comes with 18 programmable “G keys”. Yes, you’ve read that right, 18 whopping programmable buttons! This is perfect for people who play MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft as this game utilizes a lot of commands. Having an additional set of keys can really prove useful for these types of games.

Furthermore, it has a 20 key rollover, which means that even if you press 20 keys at once, all those 20 keys will be registered on the screen. The response time is also lightning fast at 1ms.

Last, but not the least, the mechanical switches. The Corsair K90 mechanical keyboard used the MX Cherry Reds, which has been revered by gamers because of its linear design. To the layman, linear switches means that the key will register without having to feel any tactile bumps when you reach the bottom.

Plus, it is the most silent mechanical switch on the market, because again, red switches do not have that tactile bump.

Now that we know the features of the Corsair K90, lets’ look at some of the reviews:

Trey: “I can’t tell you how much I love this keyboard! I am a World of Warcraft player, and having the option to have lots of programmable buttons is a dream! The K90 comes with 18 programmable buttons. For me, that is more than enough to put all my macros and extra skills on the side. This is absolutely a wonderful keyboard!”

Archie: “I love the keyboard and its mechanical switches. Plus, the programmable G keys are very useful not only in games but also for work as well. The only gripe I have with this keyboard is it doesn’t have all mechanical switches on it. Still, this is very much worth the money.”

The Corsair K90 MMO Gaming Mechanical Keyboard is a beast of a keyboard that boasts of 18 programmable buttons. If you want to buy this keyboard, this only costs $125.

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

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When it comes to great online games, Blizzard is at the forefront. One of their biggest games, Diablo, has been loved by many through the years. And after nearly 10 years of Diablo 2, Diablo 3 is released. After enjoying much success with the release of the game, they released the game’s expansion called The Reaper of Souls.

The plot of Reaper of Souls starts immediately after the events of Diablo 3. Tyrael was set to lock the Black Soulstone where Diablo’s soul was locked in. He wants to seal this soulstone so that no one can attempt to use it.

diablo-3Unfortunately, that plan was foiled by Mathael, an Archangel of Wisdom who now calls himself The Angel of Death. He wants to wipe out all of humanity who has become sinners in the first place. Purification by death as it seems.

The player, also known as the Nephalem, should try and stop Malthael’s evil plan of destruction. And this is where the Story of Reaper of Souls begins.

You have a choice of Six different character classes, each of them has their own unique skills and attributes.

The Barbarian class is a melee class that is common to the Diablo meta. His signature skill is the Whirlwind, and a lot of people have created different builds that boosts its destructive prowess even further.

The Monk Class can either go two ways: they can either be a support class or a purely offensive class. The Monk has healing and defensive abilities to aid his party members in combat. He also has an array of destructive skills that deals massive amounts of damage.

The Demon Hunter is a ranged class that can either wield a Bow, a Crossbow, or a hand Crossbow. The bow has medium damage and has medium attack speed, the Crossbow has the lowest attack speed, but has the highest damage output, and the hand crossbow has the fastest attack speed at the cost of lower damage. The Demon Hunter can utilize traps, has acrobatic dodging skills, and has the ability to call forth different animals to aid her battle.

The Witch Doctor replaces the Necromancer from the previous Diablo game. The Witch Doctor can summon fetishes, Golems, and can use spiders and frogs to dispatch enemies.

The Wizard class commands the elements to deal heavy damage to enemies. She can utilize lightning, cold, fire, and arcane elements, each having their own twists, making her a very potent killing machine.

And lastly, unique to the Reaper of Souls game is the Crusader. The Crusader is sort of a monk hybrid, but instead of using his fists, he uses blunt weapons such as hammers and flails. Most of his attacks deal holy damage and he is more of a hybrid build.

These six classes can be chosen by the player depending on his or her playstyle. Not only that, but since this is an online game, you have the power to let your friends join in the fun as well. You can go in groups of four and destroy Malthael’s army before he finishes his plan of destruction.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls is a great game if you want to go solo or play the game with your friends.

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Uses of the r4 card

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Basic Uses of an R4 Card

The Nintendo DS has been around for years. It has maintained its slot as the #1 portable gaming console because it is very compatible. Whether we are referring to its backwards compatibility or the number of options made possible through R4 cards, the DS is flexible, enjoyable, and fun.

If you have a Nintendo DS, then chances are you have heard of R4 Cards. These cards come in a number of different models, including the r4 3ds, r4i sdhc and r4 ds cards. In the past, these cards have been used to add features like music storage, picture galleries, e-books, and ROMS to a Nintendo DS.

As a result, some people fear that they can be used for piracy, or other illegal activities. Some people fear this so much that they have made it law in some countries that buying R4 Cards is illegal.

With all of this being said, what are some basic, legal uses for an R4 Card? Lets find out.

First Things First: Country

What country do you live in? If you live in Great Britain or Japan, then the R4 card is banned outright. This means that there are no legal uses of the card, since the card, and cards like it, are banned outright.

If you live in the United States however, you can use an R4 card legally with the permission of Nintendo. With each game that you legally buy for the Nintendo DS, you can make one copy of the game as a personal backup. This is perfectly legal. Now, according to the letter of the law, other people cannot play that backup. So, what can you do with a backup?

Storage and R4 Cards

R4 Cards provide a great deal of storage. The 8GB model for example is perfect if you want to store a number of games on it. So, what people legally do, is buy a R4 card with a great deal of storage, and then put a copy of each of their games on the R4 card. Now, you have a single R4 card with a number of different games stored on it. This means that you can put your original cards in storage and carry around only the single R4 Card. Before discarding the originals however, you may want to make sure each of the games that you loaded onto the R4 card works.

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